QRP/P in the CQ WW DX CW from the 35º South Parallel

Last weekend CX7RT/VA3PCJ participated in the CQ WW DX CW, operating /QRP/P from Piriápolis, Uruguay (GF25id).

IMG_3396 (1)

The picture above shows the details of the station and the one that follows shows the valley as seen from the top of “Cerro del Toro”, one of a handful of volcanic peaks (no longer active) surrounding Piriápolis (the climb was hard work —and the descent even worse…— but well worth the effort).

IMG_3291 (1)

The CW was also hard work. Many times, the CW had to be slowed down and the call and exchange had to be repeated manually several times. However, each logged QSO was much to the credit of the other stations and their operators, who patiently persisted in decoding this weak QRP signal coming from the north shore or Río de la Plata.


In the end 46 QSOs were logged in 17 DXCC’s and 10 CQ Zones (see picture above). If the errors were within 10%, this result will be even better the one achieved last year. The only difference was in the antenna: last year I had used the mini-W3EDP (which for 15M operates much like an end-fed dipole), and this year I used a Par EndFedZ dipole 15M monobander. However, I ignore if this PAR antenna would have a much-improved efficiency over the mini (i.e., the PAR has its own end-feeding transformer but does not require a 4:1 unun or a T1 tuner).

Also, in the absence of a better score from another CX operating SOQRP 15B, this also means that CX7RT will continue being the CX SOQRP 15B record holder in the CQ WW DX CW (https://www.cqww.com/records.htm)

Although a few EU and one EA8 stations were heard calling CQ, no contact was possible beyond the Americas’ East coast. The Japan station has yet to confirm in either LoTW or eQSL but KH6J has since confirmed in LoTW. Contacts this far into the Pacific have been a regular feature while operating during sunset in past years. More surprising is to have been able to contact a VE station (Todd VE5MX from Weyburn, SK, promptly confirmed in LoTW. Thank you,Todd!). It is always a special thrill to contact Canada from Uruguay (the only two entirely sub-tropical countries in the Americas…).

Glad to be back on track operating CW /QRP/P and ready for the onset of Sun cycle 25…