A CX Station Operated by a VE3/VA3 Op Get New CX-SOQRP-15M CW Record in the CQ WW DX Contest CW

CX7RT’s QRP/P effort last November with the KX3 and the 15m PAR EndFedZ (https://thewakesileave.wordpress.com/2018/11/27/qrp-p-in-the-cq-ww-dx-cw-from-the-35o-south-parallel/) did pay off:CX7RT_CQWW_2018_CW_certificate.jpg

CX7RT/VA3PCJ were first SOQRP-15M in Uruguay and also in South America (and 15th world-wide). Plus they improved on their previous score in this contest, and continue holding the CX-SOQRP-15M CW Record.

Although this was an operation from CX-land, VE was also in the log, and not only because of the DX contact with VE5MX, but because VA3PCJ was listed as the operator of the CX7RT station with the points credited to the Contest Club Ontario.

With the spots gradually returning to the Sun surface, hopes are high for an even better world placement next November…