Back in the Water…


The picture above is from May 22, 2019 (two weeks ago). The debris on the parking lot shows the upper levels reached by the waters in previous weeks.

Today (June 8, 2019) the waters had significantly subsided and the the pontoons that act as docks at both sides of the ramp at Dick Bell Park were already in place (albeit much forward).

However, this morning, since we were a crew of two, I was able to stay on the boat while she was being backed into the water (thank you Alex!). The only glitch was that, since the water levels are still high, the boat was already floating before the end of the ramp was reached, which may have caused the tip of the rudder to get caught on the submerged surface of the ramp itself. However, this was easily prevented by keeping the rudder at mid-height until the engine was able to back the boat to deaper waters. The short “journey” to the slip and the fastening of the mooring lines went uneventfully.

It is the latest date that “Sassy” has been launched back into the water, but only by a week:

In future days I hope to return to the boat to rig the sail, raise the mast and fully commission the boat for any adventure that may follow…