She is Ready…!

IMG_3856 2

As of today, Sassy was commissioned for another season (albeit a short one due to a late launch date because of the high waters last month).

The major mishap this year, during the rigging of the boat, was a fourty five degree bend in the piece of metal that links the gaff to the track in the mast. It happened because aging arms were unable to hold the mast up when a line got caught while hoisting it for the first time, which caused the stainless steel piece that links the gaff to the mast to edge upwards and reach the mast hinge, and thus the top portion of the mast forced it to bend at that angle. Fortunatelly, the track in the mast or the hinge did not seem affected, and all it took was to remove the piece from the mast and gaff and take it to a metal shop where an anvil and a hammer did the trick of returning that important metal piece to its original shape. Corollary: always collect all the lines (and particularly the eye of the halyard) at the pin provided at the mast hinge before raising or lowering the mast.

The second major difficulty was replacing the batteries in their compartment at the bow. The door is small, the batteries (48 AHr, deep-cycle) are heavy, and much of the effort has to be done by the arm biceps with the arms extended at an angle. Eventually, the boat passed all the dock test with high marks and now awaits to be tested underway.

All in all, yet another season at the beginning of which Sassy’s skipper can still claim (as does Van Helsing (Mel Brooks) in “Dracula: Dead and loving it”): “I still got it!”