Line Work at the Dock (in a Day with no Wind)

Line up the mast

Yesterday, I spent several hours at the boat but did not take her out because of the lack of wind.

Instead, I took the oportunity to rig two reefing lines (first reef, tack and clew). For this I had to remove the sail cover and hoist (and douse) the sail. Both reefing lines were rigged to be cleated to a horn cleat on the starboard side of the boom. This allows the reef to be applied from the cockpit (without the need for stepping forward to the base of the mast).

In addition, thinking on playing radio Portable/Afloat,  I decided to also rig a line along the mast through one of the small blocks at its very top (see picture, yellow arrow). For this, the mast had to be lowered and laid on the gallows at the stern (and subsequenty re-hoisted). The new line was rigged with a butterfly knot reaching the very top (see picture, red arrow).

This loop will be used to hoist any wire antenna at its mid-range, for it to be deployed as an inverted “V” in the boat rigging. Sassy’s rigging has a forestay and one staggered shrowd on each side of the mast, but it has no backsay. This frees the initial (and longest) portion of the antenna from any nearby parallel wire which might have affected its efficiency. This is likely one of the reasons for these antennas to work well from Sassy’s rigging.

The antennas I have successful deployed from Sassy’s rigging include the mini-W3EDP and the LNR EndFedZ tribander (10M, 20M & 40M) (see the article on Field Day 2017 in June 2017: