Wacky Ideas Presented as Pseudoscience

I have to apologize to my readers for the adds that are occasionally added to my postings. Particularly those with fake news about health and food. I have no saying on their inclusion in my postings, neither can I prevent them to show up, safe having to upgrade my membership (which is likely one of the reason why they are being included). Since my blog is largely on Sailing and Amateur Radio one would presume that those would be the preferred subjects for any added and spurious advertising. Fortunately, I doubt that any of my very few and selected readers would be much impressed by adds on wacky ideas on health and food presented as pseudoscience. My apologies, nevertheless.

Here is a couple of links with comments that show that I am not alone in my disgust towards these marketing strategies, which are bad enough if they come from unscrupulous lay individuals, but much, much worse, if they indeed originate from members of the medical profession: