A memorable 2-hour sail carefully clocked.

The end of the season approached. The days were turning shorter, the temperatures fresher, the leaves had started to change colour and Sassy’s skipper had started to think haul-out. However, a request came from Sofía (the skipper’s daughter) for a last-minute spin on the river before one her trips abroad. Yesterday, the weather agreed (sunny with a few cumulus, Temp abt 20ºC, Wind SW backing to SE at 7-16 Kts.). The problem was that Sofía is an extremely busy professional who could only be available 13:30 to 17:30…

Here is the spin as per the GPS track:

13:30: Jeep departs from home.
14:00: Jeep arrives at the marina.
14:35: Undocking on the motor.
14:39: Leaving port.
14:42: Close encounter with a motorboat speeding inside the channel.
14:59: On sail, motor off port tack, beam reach, heading NW, reaching over 4.0 Kts.
15:30: Time to turn around… Ready about! heading SE, starboard tack, close reach, surpassing 5.0 Kts.
15:44: Approaching K4 marker. Too close for comfort given leeway: Ready about! heading SW for 3 minutes. Ready about! heading E, closehauled, reaching 5.3 Kts.
15:51: Time to douse sail. Motor on. Heading upwind (SW)
15:55: Sail tied, heading to the KNB junction marker.
16:01: A large sailboat on full sail (mail & genoa) approaching closehauled from starboard with railing under water. Changing course, following its stern.
16:02: Resuming course to KNB marker.
16:08: Abeam of KN8 marker.
16:18: Entering port.
16:28: Docking.
17:30 Back at home.T

Thank you Sofía! Let’s do it again! (I may be wrong but last time we sailed together you and me, I think it was with “Vándor”, fifteen years ago…).