A Gut(ter) Feeling in the CQ MM DX Contest…

Unable to travel to his den in CX-land, CX7RT was nevertheless able to log a few QRP QSOs in the CQ MM DX Contest from his VA3/VE3-land QTH in Ottawa as VA3PCJ. 

The CQ MM DX is organized each year by the CW group in the city of Juiz de Fora in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, also known as “Manchester Mineira” (hence the “MM” in the name of the contest).  CX7RT has participated in this contest since 2014: 2014/15/16 as CX7RT and 2017/18 as VA3PCJ. In 2019 he had just returned from Australia and finding his wire antenna brought down, he was unable to participate (see the WordPress article cited below).

Mind you, VA3PCJ’s QTH in Ottawa has a very challenged antenna: the unique an irreproducible (given its exclusive and largely unknown architectonic configuration) “GU7TER”:


Also, only one and a half hour could be allocated to tuning the bands during the CQMM. The stations contacted were all huge stations (only ones able to receive weak signals such as VA3PCJ’s even in spite of the QSB):

14014 2020-04-19 1904 KE0UI NA in Colorado Springs, CO
14025 2020-04-19 1906 N4B NA in Borward county, FL
14046 2020-04-19 1923 KJ4QHL NA in Margate, FL
14002 2020-04-19 1932 NX6T NAC in San Diego, CA
14038 2020-04-19 1935 HG0Y EU in Szigetszentmiklos, Hungary
7016 2020-04-19 2037 K3WW NAM in Perkasie, PA

As usual, all VA3PCJ’s contacts were manual and the decoding was by ear, so he hopea to have got all the callsigns and exchanges right, but at least K3WW has already confirmed both in LoTW and eQSL. Many thanks, Charles de VA3PCJ.

This was VA3PCJ first contest of the year and, hopefully, not the last…