Tacking to Crystal Bay: First Daysail of the Season

Here is Sassy Gaffer’s GPS track that proves it all:

On July 4 2020, Sassy Gaffer accepted the invitation of Woodpecker to sail in Lac Deschênes. Both sailboats sailed for five hours (8:20 – 13:20 EDT) under sunny skies with the wind steady at 4-8 Kts. from the NW (likely gusting to double that strength).

The trip covered 9.70 NM in 3:55 hrs underway at an average speed of 2.5 Kts. with a maximum sailing speed of 4.7 Kts. All points of sail were explored with a nice break for a one-hour chat while rafted at the northern tip of Crystal Bay (with each crew remaining in its own vessel and keeping all recommended COVID distances as prescribed by the rules of the Nepean Sailing Club). The raft held tight against wind and waves swinging at Woodpecker’s rode and large anchor.

 Woodpecker was able to try her functional multi-panelled junk-rig sail with multiple mainsheets, each attached to a different batten, an interesting design that allows for full control on the sail twist:

While Sassy sailed full sail with her gaff fully hoisted:

Both boats seemed well matched given the prevailing conditions, and in spite of their different design and rig they were able to keep within a short distance of each other for the duration of the entire trip, which for Sassy Gaffer was her first real daysail of the season.