An Overnight in Crystal Bay, Swinging at the Anchor

On July 8, a warning for violent storms was in the forecast for southern Ontario. However, by mid-afternoon, radar images to the NW seemed to make this forecast quite unlikely, and Sassy and Woodpecker agreed to make a late dash into Lac Deschênes. Prevailing surface winds were SW at less than 5 Kts. and the nearby Crystal Bay shore, west and not far from the marina, seemed ideal for anchoring on its lee to cool down from the heat wave that affected the area.

 Woodpecker undocked aroud 18:00, ahead of Sassy and waited for Sassy outside the KN channel. It was also a good opportunity for Sassy to try her new VHF marine radio. With the small Standard Horizon HX40 providing direct communication between both vessels, the boats sailed together heading NW. With water levels one foot above datum there were no concerns about touching bottom, least of all coming aground. Woodpecker chose an anchorage just west of Rocky point, and Sassy followed suit dropping anchor a couple of boat length east from her companion of adventure. Woodpecker’s crew immediately made to the water in their unique dinghy designs for an overboard chat on a wealth of topics. Then, as the Sun started approaching the horizon…

Sunset, July 8 at 8:49 PM EDT

 …it was time for some tough decisions about the future: Sassy decided in favour of an overnight swinging at the anchor and she watched Woodpecker sail away into the initial shadows of the night with the city silhouette lighting up in the background. The anchor light started to shine at the tip of Sassy’s mast and, after a frugal dinner, mosquito nets were installed in all hatches and the cabin was prepared for the night. Sleep was interrupted around 1:00 AM to come on deck, check the boat and the surroundings, assess the position and watch the night sky. The waning gibbous moon was shining towards the SE, some 10 degrees above the horizon, with Saturn and Jupiter shining to the South in a horizontal line within Sagittarius, not far from the hidden center of the galaxy. Both dippers were magnificent high above with, Polaris, the Northern star, clearly visible.. East of it was the Summer triangle (Deneb, Altair and Vega) and not far from it the “W” of Casiopeia leading the entire cast of the mythical characters in the legend of Andromeda. By 5:00 AM birds started singing ashore and within a few minutes, Sassy was able to witness the return of the Sun, emerging red over the city’s silhouette towards the East:

Sunrise, July 9 at 5:36 AM EDT

After a breakfast on deck of expresso coffee and toasted bagels and jam, the air started to quickly warm up and it was time to return to port with enough time to dock and snug the boat before the heat would become unbearable. Close to 8:00 AM on July 9, Sassy was again docked at her slip in the marina after having provided her skipper with another amazing night at the anchor, away for a while from all the mythologies that so often obscure in humans their perception of reality.