And… the CAT came back…!

Yup… the CAT came back… the SUNCAT, that is… And her mast went up too…! The most amazing thing is that just a few weeks ago achieving all this had seemed rather unthinkable…

“Sassy GAFFER” went in the water last Wednesday morning. It was perfect timing because as she arrived at the ramp on her trailer, the finger dock at her slip was… gone! Well, not quite, except that all the old wooden slats (some had been quite rotten for a while) had been removed and the new ones were not in place yet…

But a call to the Club’s office made it happen, as the two mariners that had been changing the wood in the docks of the Club worked against the clock on Sassy’s finger dock while I was bringing the outboard engine to her stern bracket and fastenning the fenders and all the mooring lines on deck.

So, a few minutes later, after some short manoeuvering, Sassy was, once again, happily moored to the slip. Here she is:

And today Friday, after some cleaning, the battery was connected, the mast was unwrapped, and once the windex was installed it was hoisted (singe-handed — yes! I can still do it!) to its upright position:

All the time, while working on deck I was humming “The cat came back…”. Here is my favorite version by the muppets of “The Muppet Show”:

That version in particular fits rather well with Sassy, because the pirate cat’s name in the Muppet Show was… “GAFFER”…!