“Of Stars and Comets…” – a New Book

This may appear as having little to do with Ham Radio or Sailing. However, several of the stories inside the book below do relate to boating (some were even written while afloat) and at least one of them deals with antennae and Morse code. Furthermore, “writing” can be viewed as some kind of “hobby” and, therefore, the time devoted to it may also “not count towards age…”. Hence, this posting may not be completely out of context after all… The big news is that VA3PCJ (also known as VE3DTI and CX7RT) who also happens to be Sassy Gaffer’s skipper, has just published a book: a collection of short stories, twenty-six to be precise even aiming at some degree of literariness… The stories are quite cosmopolitan, sometimes philosophical, ironical, or even romantic but it all has to do with the idea of “the absurd” as developed by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus. However, this book is clearly the work of a Canadian author… A Castilian Canadian author that is… because the catch is that, in its original version, the book has been written in Castilian. Well ok, in “Spanish”…, but there are other languages spoken in Spain which are no less Spanish than Spanish: Gallaecian, Catalan, Esguerra, Asturian, etc., which is why I prefer to refer to the language of Cervantes (and Borges and Cortázar and Galeano…) as Castilian, the language that evolved from the one that used to be spoken in the Kingdom of Castilla, which later on chased the Moors from Spain (incorporating in the process significant signs from their culture, particularly from their language), unified for its crown most of the Iberic Peninsula and even went to declare that it owned most of the American continent ignoring in the process the ancient people and civilizations that existed there before their arrival. Anyway, Castilian is an amazingly expressive language, perhaps more forgiving and with a more flexible syntax than other symbolic languages. It also allows a particularly free use for the metaphor, all of which is explored in the short stories in the book. Here is a brief «apperçu»: https://www.escritores.org/libros/index.php/item/de-estrellas-y-cometas-y-otros-relatos The book can be ordered directly from its editorial: https://editorialartistica.com ¡Buena lectura!