…Till the Tulips Bloom

Several outings (including an extrarodinary one on September 1st) have gone undocummented. Apologies…

Sailing season, in the Ottawa river is still at its prime, and given the new global temperatures it will likely go strong for at least another month. However, other commitments made her skipper decide that it was that time, again…

 On Monday 4, at the dock, Sassy was cleaned and decommissioned. The sail was plastic-wrapped in situ. Fragrant dryer-sheets were used to avoid unwanted visits by small rodents. The mast was lowered and Swedish-furling was used to retain all lines and shrouds against it. The Windex was removed and the anchor light protected with a metal can.

On Tuesday 5, Sassy was motored to the ramp and hauled out. The outboard as well as all lines and fenders were removed, and the old Jeep Diesel drove her to the yard.

On Wednesday 6, Sassy was tarped.

Sassy’s skipper is glad to confirm that he can still do all this entirely by himself, as originally planned twelve years ago.

Thank you Sassy. We will see each other again. Happy dreams, till the tulips bloom.