“Hear Ye! Hear Ye!…”: VE3DTI is now SKCC Tx6

On April 3, 2017 I posted here an article  entitled “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!… SKCC Tx4”, reporting that VE3DTI had attained “Tribune Tx4” status within the realm of the “Straight Key Century Club, (SKCC)” (https://thewakesileave.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/hear-ye-hear-ye-skcc-tx4/). At the time, this meant that I had logged contacts with 200 different Centurions (Cs), Tribunes  (Ts) and Senators (Ss) — the three levels of achievement within the SKCC. Then, over three years later, on August 10, 2020, after logging 50 additional members, II attained the “Tribune Tx5” the level that I have been enjoying so far.

And this past Sunday (January 9, 2022), after reporting 18 QRP QSOs in the January SKCC’s Weekend Sprintathon (WES), I reached the 300 contacts with different Cs, Ts and Ss required to attain Tribune (Tx6) level.  This of course has been duly applied, reviewed, and announced in the all appropriate media by Phil K3EW, SKCC 10605S, the SKCC Tribune Assistant Administrator, in the incomparable style of the Old Town Criers of Medieval England:

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather ’round and pay heed to the news of this day! Let there be revelry & celebration for yet another Centurion has advanced to the Tribune Tx6 level of SKCC achievement !!!  Jose, VE3DTI, SKCC# 7020T, has achieved the coveted 2nd generation SKCC member achievement known far and wide as the Tribune Tx6 award. The Tribune Tx6 award is earned by SKCC Centurions who work 300 other Centurions, Tribunes, or Senators.  Having submitted a log and sworn statement, both of which have survived the intense tests used by the Tribune administrator, Jose, VE3DTI, is duly proclaimed to be SKCC Tribune Tx6.  He shall enjoy all the honor and privilege that appertains thereto and all shall accord him the esteem and respect appropriate to their achievements. The Master Tribune List has been duly scribed where all SKCC Members may reflect upon and pay tribute to this momentous achievement.” 

Thank you Phil K3EW, and the many “powerful houses” of SKCC with antennae sensitive enough as to hear, and operators patient enough as to decode, my often very week QRP CW signal. With your help I still hope to, one day, attain Tx8 and Senator status…

How did I do in this WES? Well, not too bad… I made contacts in 4 bands (80, 40, 20 & 15m) with stations in 11 SPCs, and finished 11th out of 22 QRP participants.

TU es 73 ALL de Jose VE3DTI/VA3PCJ.