A New K3Y Sweep…

Six years ago (January 2016) VE3DTI received a “K3Y Sweep Certificate” with QRP endorsement, after logging the ten numbers assigned in the US to K3Y/ calls participating in the SKCC “K3Y Straight Key Month Event” (SKM): https://thewakesileave.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/a-k3y-qrp-sweep/.

This year, VE3DTI was able to complete the same sweep while additionally contacting K3Y/NA (Ben VE1AHX) in NS, K3Y/EU (Bert FH6KA) in France, K3Y/KP4 (Pablo KP4SJ) in Puerto Rico and K3Y/KH6 (Max KH6ZM) in Hawaii.

Overall results:
14 K3Y Areas (of possible 19)
20 Band-Area Slots (of possible 174)
30 K3Y Ops (of possible 255)
1 Canadian Prov/Terr (of possible 6)
22 US States (of possible 52)

While several of the contacts were QRP (using the ICOM 703), several others were QRO (with the ICOM 706MKIIG) hence, this year, the QRP endorsement did not apply. The antenna was an 86 Ft. long wire tangled up the branches of a Silver Maple in the backyard. The tuner (with both radios) was the LDG RT-100 located remote, at the base of the wire antenna. Half WL wires running along the inside of the fence at abt. 1m from the ground were used as counterpoise. The straight key used was the single-paddle AME Bushwacker, shortcut to operate as sideswiper.

Participating in this SKM was not only fun but also resulted in logging 23 new T/S numbers valid towards the next step (Tx7) in the SKCC Tribune ladder. Here are all VE3DTI QSOs in this year SKM: