Mast, Sail, Chart and the Tohatsu 4HP fuel stopcock

And here she is, at her dock slip with her mast already up and the sail and bimini fully functional.

I have also upgraded theCanada Coastal Charts in the GPSMAP 78 from BlueChart G2 HXCA015R 2015 to BlueChart G3 HCA600X 2021.

I rechecked the settings for the fuel stopcock on the port side of the Tohatsu 4HP: While using the internal tank it needs to be open (in the vertical position). However, in this position it does not allow any gas to reach the engine from the external tank (unless, of course, the bulb in the fuel line of the latter is used to pump fuel into the internal tank, something which is only possible with the fuel stopcock in in the open (vertical) position). With the stopcock in the open (vertical) position, the engine stops once the internal tank is empty, even if the external tank is connected. Operating the engine with the external tank requires the fuel stopcock to be in the closed (horizontal) position.