A K3Y QRP Sweep

The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) was founded following the ARRL’s “Straight Key Night” of January 1st., 2006. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, during January 2016, the SKCC has been running the “SKCC January K3Y Anniversary Event” in which designated Club operators go on the air using the Club’s K3Y special call followed by a single figure representing each of the ten call areas in the US. SKCC members that during the month of January suceed in working and exchanging SKCC numbers with all ten K3Y/0-9 calls can then claim a special SKCC K3Y Sweep Certificate. This year, K3Y stations have been operating also from other points in the US as well as DX locations (indicated as endorsements on the certificate):

VE3DTI K3Y 2016

2016 K3Y log (QRP) of VE3DTI (SKCC Nr. 7020T):

K3Y/0 – Ray WP0PYF – MO (40m), Bill W0EJ – SD (20m)
K3Y/1 – Ed K1EDG – ME (40m)
K3Y/2 – Dave W1EDV – NY, Drew AF2Z – NJ, Art WK2S – NJ (40m)
K3Y/3 – Jim AF3Z – PA (40m)
K3Y/4 – Rob AJ4SB – TN (20m)
K3Y/5 – Dave NE5DL – TX (20m), Dave NE5DL – TX (17m)
K3Y/6 – Tony K6ELQ – CA (20m)
K3Y/7 – Tom WB7EUX – OR (17m)
K3Y/8 – Larry KA8HFN – OH (80m), AARC W8TQE – MI (40m)
K3Y/9 – Ken N8KR – IN (40m), Warren KC9IL – IL (20m), Dan W9DLN – WI (30m)
K3Y/KP4 – Carlos KP4CPC – PR (40m), Pablo KP4SJ – PR (15m)
K3Y/EU – Bert F6HKA – FRA (12m)


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